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This is a series of Negative and Positive images that in turn attract and repel the viewer.

Wasps zeroing in on a heap of sumptuous candied orange slices in the food market in Nice, France is an invitation to expand your sensory range to feel, smell, taste and hear a moment through the imagination that is both appealing and repellent.

The vision of bathers on the rugged expanse of rocks in Nice, France while a watcher invasively looks on as a couple kiss. The immense sweep of nature, in the landscape photographs convey what it’s like to coexist with splendour.

The image of hikers, gingerly making their way down a razor’s-edge path incised on the vertical face of a mountain can simultaneously inspire awe and fear.

The food market in Stone Town, Zanzibar where multiple fish stacked as if swimming in the same direction inspire beauty and pathos.

Also in Stone Town, raw meat hanging in the open, with accompanying flies, one can almost palpably feel the heat of the day.

These images reveal unexpected dynamics meant to unsettle the audience, an experience that is not only understood intellectually but also sensually and emotionally helping to create this negative and positive response in the viewer.

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